RV Park & Campground

Welcome to the Park

Welcome to the Gateway to the Petrified Forest RV Resort. Since purchasing the park we are making great progress in upgrading and improving the property. We are working diligently to provide extra amenities and much more. We appreciate you visiting us during this process and hope you enjoy your stay.

Renovation updates:

  • Gravel work is almost done!

  • We now have a temporary restroom/shower for your convenience

  • BBQ’s and picnic tables have been added to the common area

  • WIFI has been upgraded

  • The septic system has been upgraded

  • Old structures have been torn down and lots of clean up has been done

  • We have started digging the first pond

Self-book and Save

  • Due to many unforeseen circumstances, the renovations for the park are behind schedule. We are still working diligently to create the destination we want to provide, but also want to accommodate our guests during this time. We have reduced our prices and are giving an additional discount if you book on-line and text us when you get to the park.

  • As always, we have on-site assistance if any issues should arise.

  • NOTE: Booking fees will apply if one of our staff members assists with the reservation and check-in process.

  • Pricing updates:

    • New nightly, weekly, and monthly rates
    •  Long term stays are available at an exceptionally low price 
    • RV’s are available to rent on-site  (fully equipped)
    • Call for more info

Explore Our Campground

The gateway to the petrified forest RV Resort. Was established to provide a base camp in a central location with a variety of activities for travelers as they explore many of the historical and geological sites in Arizona.

From our park, you are 22 miles to the petrified Forest, 42 miles to the painted desert, and 41 miles until you are standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona and visiting the La Posada museum and restaurant all while getting your kicks on Route 66

Part of the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park features a strangely beautiful landscape. Erosion has sculpted and shaped intriguing landforms, revealing a treasure trove of fossils within multi-colored layers. 

Welcome to the gateway  to the Petrified Forest RV Resort. We just purchased the park in October 2022 and we have some exciting things coming that will make this a great destination or relaxing stop along your way. Welcome to our campground.


Inspiring Views In the Painted Desert
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Went on the driving tour of the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. The beauty of the area was inspiring and humbling. I highly recommend taking this tour when you are in the area. Take your time going through the area and stop at the recommended scenic areas. You will not be disappointed. Be aware of the hours of operation. It took us about 90 mins to experience all the vistas.
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Connected to the Painted Desert , this national park is a must see. The ground is in some places literally littered with chunks of petrified trunks and roots. Some places I found especially beautiful were Crystal Forest, Agate House and Long logs. Highly recommended.
Amazing lesser known National Park
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This park entrance is right off of I-70. We started in the painted forest part of the park first. The map was useful to point out what we were looking at. The petrified forest area has several trails of interest. We hiked 2 of them. It really was quite beautiful. Highly recommended.